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Kindred Souls - Age of the Psykinetics

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Kindred Souls - Upcoming Scenes!

Warning: The following material contains spoilers!

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I should be running:

"Kyle, I'm sorry," she was quick to soothe him. "It's all right. I'm sorry."

The back of her curious fingers suddenly ghosted over the line of his cheek and it startled him. He wanted her touch. God, how he wanted to feel her touch. He would never manage to regain control of his faculties with her this close, yet he wanted it all the same. Part of him was terrified in a way he'd never been in his life. Indecision haunted him for the barest of seconds, imagining himself merely shifting away from her presence to put an end to his utter mortification. But, he did  not move.

"Hey," she insisted with another gentle touch. "Look at me."

Swallowing deeply, his eyes opened with grave concern. He knew this would be the biggest mistake he'd ever made in his life. She would run. He knew within seconds she'd be backing away, likely bolting out the door and straight out of the room. He simply couldn't do it. He could not meet her eyes at all. Unable to look up at her, his eyes shifted to the line of the white robe on her shoulder. He quickly reached up to grasp her roaming hand, pulling it from his face with some regret. He knew she would have wanted to take it from him anyway.

"Are you one of them," she asked with a hint of trepidation in her voice. Still, she was not moving a muscle to get away.

"No. My mother was entirely human."

"And your father," her head tilted slightly as the question left her lips. Her eyes remained steadfast on him as she patiently awaited an answer. It was too long in coming, however. "This makes you uncomfortable," she began to surmise.

It scared him shitless! Her reaction to hear such an answer… His own humiliation to admit the truth to her. Holy Hell!

"I thought you would be running," he whispered instead, fearing she'd do so before he even finished speaking. She never moved.

"I should be running," she admitted to him, but she didn't.

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