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Kindred Souls - Age of the Psykinetics

Copyright © 2020 by Leanne Elise Smith

Scene 1.6 - Lord Carridon of the Anaak Elite

Carridon's Underground Lair:

Beneath the deepest recesses of the Anaak's underground city stood a sleek figure in the shadows of his cavernous home. Lord Carridon of the Elite Council was one of the eldest creatures known in the Anaak's world of darkness and solitude. He remained in casual repose, while silently fuming to himself on the inside. Word had reached his ears of some very disturbing developments and he didn’t like what he was hearing, not one little bit.

He released the hands that had been clasped firmly behind his back to stroke one down over the close cropped silver locks that covered his head. Knowing the gesture of discontent would not be lost on the others in his presence, his lips pressed together with contempt for the game of politics being played all around him. The timing of it all could not possibly be worse.

The months of regenerative sleep were nearly upon the members of the Elite. During that time, he and the others would be all but inaccessible should things begin to deteriorate further. News had reached him that the High Council had just made a deal with the Greys—and it all left a very bad taste in his mouth. There had been no age in history where his kind had resorted to conferring with the enemy. The Greys were meant to be pawns in their war to dominate the planet, not allies. It was inconceivable that anyone thought it should be otherwise!

Still, he was entirely distracted by the call of nature that demanded his attention above all else. The time of regenerative sleep was nearly upon him, just as it was for them all. In the weeks leading up to it, their craving for food, rest and sex plagued them beyond reason. The desire to feed and procreate to strengthen their breed was practically written into their DNA. It was with great difficulty that he fought to try and concentrate on the more pressing matters at hand.

“Lord Carridon, the loss of power the city experienced—”

“Is of no consequence to me at present,” he concluded with finality. “They still live in the lap of luxury despite it, don't they?”

“It’s the cause of that drain which is the crux of the matter,” Torrent concluded.

“Indeed,” he agreed without issue. "But they are taking liberties counter-productive to our society's end goal. That cannot be allowed. We own this planet. It's that simple. Despite what they believe, this is not a democracy. It never will be. No alliance will ever exist between the Anaak and any creature who crawls beneath us.”

“Lord,” Torrent bade him. “Perhaps this is not the best time to consider such things. When the time of regeneration is complete—”

“They will already be reminded of who is in charge!” The blast of arrogance in Carridon’s voice was palpable. “They will remember who their masters really are!”

Oh, yes! The timing could not possibly be better to make an appearance. In the following months, their tombs would be sealed shut from light and sound—an impenetrable fortress against any who would dare try to enter and disturb them. If they put the fear of God in them now, the Anaak’s presiding council would have a great deal of time to consider taking a different course of action—better in line with the principles on which the Elite insisted they should conform to living.

“You said there is a hearing commencing with between the Anaak council and the human—” he spat out the offensive word, “leading forces to discuss the matter.”

With Torrent’s brief nod, Carridon made his decision. He could put the needs of his body off for that much longer, at least. It was time to make a stand against these Anaak children who believed themselves above the Elite’s control. It could not be allowed to continue. Let them be reminded that the Elite council still lived and ruled, both in the world above and in the one below ground. Severe consequences would befall any who might choose to defy them when the time of regeneration was finally complete.

“Be prepared to take flight to the city above with me. I want every last member of the Elite ready to travel.”

“Of course,” Torrent relented. The determination on Carridon’s face was one he had not seen in a very long time. It sent a surge of adrenaline rushing through him that every single one of the Anaak Elite relished.

Carridon was pleased to see Torrent’s concern for him so easily distracted. Even within the presence of his closest allies, he was not comfortable having a weakness of any kind exposed for discussion. That was why he chose to take his own time of regeneration in private, shielded and locked away from every last one of them. At that most vulnerable time in his life, he refused to share even a single minute of it with anyone who could pose a danger to him.

The fate of the Anaak children must be his primary consideration now—and children they very well were. They’d grown weak as generation after generation were exposed to the lifestyles of the human vermin inhabiting the earth. Only the offspring of the Elite themselves were pure and untainted in this day and age. Only their progeny were born with an innate lust for power and dominance of the planet that those dwelling in the city could not possibly understand. Oh! Those in power believed they understood the nature of their breed, but they did not…

Having lived since the earliest days of creation, only the Elite truly knew what it meant to be Anaak. They still retained memories of the days when they reigned supreme on the planet—controlling almost every facet of the world… Before it was invaded by the Kindred and the rest of the undying breeds who became the bane of their existence—quite literally ripping the crowns off their heads.

Such an age would come again, he knew. It was inevitable, but not for the weak-minded saps who thought they were in charge. Consorting with Greys of all things! It could not be allowed! He would not allow it. It must be stopped now.

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