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Kindred Souls - Age of the Psykinetics

Copyright © 2020 by Leanne Elise Smith

Scene 1.5 - Dr. Errol McCormack

The Anaak Facility:

Blinking slowly in thought, Dr. Errol McCormack stared at his reflection in the darkened glass. For the first time since he'd been employed at the facility, the most guarded cell in the building sat empty—as did all but two of the others.

He couldn't decide whether he wanted to laugh or cry. Instead, he did neither. He was being watched and he knew it. He needed to shore his emotions and remain in complete control in front of the others. It was essential that they all remain in the dark about what had happened. No one could ever discover the depths of his treachery against the Anaak… No one!

Looking past his rigid fingers that rested upon the glass, he stared at himself to ensure the lines of his face remained perfectly composed. He had surely aged ten years in these last few days at the lab, that much was clear to him. He looked ragged and tired today… Far older than any fifty-year-old Anaak should ever look.

One glance within the empty room reminded him why. She was gone! Really gone! Somehow everything had worked out exactly as it had been foretold to him. That quiet revelation helped deepen his resolve to forever trust in the power of the source that assured him time and again, he was on the right path.

They're coming, the brief warning flared in his mind.

Errol lowered his eyes at once and cleared his throat as he adjusted his lab coat. A slight nod was the only acknowledgment of what he'd heard.

Pulling back, he straightened his posture to have a look around. The people he worked with could be fooled by the look of confidence in his eye, but the Greys? Nothing passed their notice. No matter, he assured himself. Everything he had told them was the truth and everyone was going to benefit from their help in the end. He was sure of it. The Anaak's High Council and the Elite may disagree, but his work would pay for itself one day. They would all see that in the end.

He walked down the length of the long corridor, refusing to look at the open cell doors as he passed them. This was not the time to revel in the power play he'd just made. The time for that could come later. Right now he needed to focus. Doctors, nurses and guards were all busy going about their usual business, unaware of what was about to descend upon them. Then it began.

The wail of an obnoxious alarm began to sound in every corner of the facility. The doors were automatically released from their hinges as workers began hustling as quickly as they could in and out of the room before the locks were sealed shut. After the previous exercise that had nearly brought the lab to its knees, it was no wonder everyone was on high alert, scrambling to take their positions to follow along with emergency protocol.

Errol watched the chaos unfold, looking for all the world as perplexed as the rest of them. Unlike the rest of them though, he was fully prepared for what was coming. The moment was nearly at hand. He could feel it!

Then, there they were… Materializing out of thin air up and down the long hallway, pairs of the Greys—ten in total—appeared within the lab. Under any other circumstances, with any other invading force, guns would already be drawn by the soldiers who guarded the facility. The Greys were fully prepared for that, however. They raised their hands in unison, lowering the inhibitions of the soldiers at each entrance of the room. The men stood there feeling vaguely subdued and confused, unable to acknowledge their body's desire to arm themselves. The facility would be on complete lock-down now, with no way into or out of the room.

Nice! Let it be done…

As he looked among them, he wondered which might be their leader. It was impossible to tell from the look of them. They always worked in unison, so it was difficult to discern which one was in charge. Perhaps it didn't really matter, he reasoned and inclined his head toward the Grey standing closest to him. As the senior medical officer here, it was his place to approach them. This was his moment to make history!

"Is it done," he asked in a voice brimming with confidence. He had no reason to doubt their ability, but he needed to hear it for himself.

As you requested, came the disembodied words within his mind. Black eyes seemed to measure his in response although the Grey made no outward sign of any movement.

"She's been taken from the planet's surface," Errol pressed further. The Council would be looking to him for answers in the coming days and his colleagues here would want to know if it was safe to resume their work.

Each of the Greys made the smallest movement as they studied one another. Then the answer was made clear to him.

That was our deal. She's been taken from the planet's surface

Nodding, unable to hide his intense relief, Errol reassured himself that he'd done the right thing. Despite how it would appear, working with the Greys had been a stroke of genius. This could become the dawn of a new era between their species! Why should they remain at war with one another when they could both benefit so tremendously from working together? Only the threat of a common enemy could have brought them together this way. Still, there was one remaining problem.

"She must never return to the planet's surface. You have to understand that. We all saw what she is capable of here. Her existence is a threat to every single one of us. If she is ever freed—"

Two will stay, they suddenly responded, effectively cutting off his words of warning.

Errol's brow puckered slightly, not quite sure if his impassioned speech had made any impact on them at all. Had they even been listening? Did they comprehend the magnitude of destruction the woman would be capable of inflicting on the planet even in death? He had seen it! He'd been shown a glimpse of it firsthand.

Two will stay, they repeated themselves. The Grey he faced turned and gestured to two of the others. It seemed the deal had been struck and now it was time to pay up.

Hell, they had the advantage here. Giving them possession of Eve had been a game-changer for everyone—and he'd known it would be the moment he'd proposed it. Of course, he'd given everyone plenty of motivation to make the right choice, but still…  It had been a necessary sacrifice. He would never regret playing hardball with those who thought they knew better. It was time for a sweeping change to occur. The entire damned house needed cleaning! If that meant consorting with their former enemy? So be it.

What could he do but nod to the Greys in agreement? He had no idea what the outcome of their presence in the facility might be, but that had been their dictate. Two were to be allowed access within the lab to monitor all of their future experiments. Who knew? Their presence may even prove useful. They knew far more about the Kindred than the Anaak ever would.

They will be useful, came an unbidden voice in a very different portion of Errol's mind then. He found his eyes lifting, staring around a bit nervously. From their deadpan faces, it didn't appear they had heard it.

With another prolonged nod, both in answer to the Greys and the divine influence that was leading him down the path to victory, he whispered, "Of course… Of course…"

Always trust in the source, he reaffirmed to himself once more…

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