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Kindred Souls - Age of the Psykinetics

Copyright © 2020 by Leanne Elise Smith

Scene 1.19 - On The Run

Dead! Oh my God!

What Kyle saw looked like it had been ripped directly out of a horror movie. The Elder lay gored beyond recognition, lifeless on the floor in a limp heap of flesh. Chase was hovering over him, shaking uncontrollably. Her arms and nightshirt were covered in the sticky spatter of its black blood.

Looking around wildly, Kyle saw the second one was nowhere in sight. They had to move now!

"Chase," he tried to rouse her. She did not react to his words, simply staring down at the Grey that she'd killed. Her arms were still poised to bash his skull in one more time should he dare try to take a single breath. Her eyes were wild with fear as she crouched over him, unwilling to look away for an instant.

Tires were screeching outside the building. Kyle felt his own panic setting in then. No one could see this!

The slam of doors crashing open in the halls below forced him into action at once. Reaching for the sheet she'd tossed to the floor, he reached to briskly rub it up and down her arms. She was shivering as she tried to make sense of what he was doing, hardly aware for a moment that he was really there.

Heavy footfalls were bounding up the stairs with men calling out for everyone to remain in their homes until the area was secured. Shit! They had to move!

"Chase, we have to go," he warned her. "We have to leave before they get here!"

"What? What are you talking about," she argued as her voice cracked with her body trembling violently.

"Move! Move! Move!" A furious shout came from behind the door in the outer room. The front door suddenly slammed dead against the wall, shaking the ground upon which they knelt.

Chase scurried to rise to her feet, defying Kyle's will as she scrambled to reach the kitchen. Hot on her trail, he grabbed hold of her upper arm as they both ground to an immediate halt. Two policemen stood in the doorway with their guns drawn high in the air. That was not what had them both gasping in unison, however.

"Don't move! Let the girl go," one man shouted in a voice that demanded Kyle to comply.

An amused hiss of laughter sounded behind the officers and one turned to look back over his shoulder to see who had dared to approach them. An immediate look of utter terror washed over his face so suddenly that his partner began turning in an instant as well.

With his fangs fully exposed, looking every bit the demon that he was, Ashen's wings were spread wide as he stared down at them. The look in his eyes was one of sheer amusement as tried to gauge what level of terror they must be feeling.

"As he said, not today," he declared with a wide grin. His eyes glinted, looking them both over quite curiously. He seemed to be relishing the moment with true vengeance. Then, as he took in the scent of them, he shook his head and breathed, "Not human…" A moment later, it was apparent that he disdained the sight of them entirely.

With that the claws of one wing reached up to grasp one man's neck as he sank his teeth into the other's. Neither had a chance to make a sound as he bit down deeply, taking a moment to enjoy the act before tearing the flesh and dropping the man like a dead weight upon the ground. He then gripped the second man with both hands and hissed down into his face.

"Anaak scum," he accused as his mouth descended with great fervor, intent to drain the life out of him as well.

Kyle and Chase stood there agape, watching Ashen in his element even as the sound of more footsteps began to sound on the steps in the building below. All at once, a blinding mist began invading the room and they could not see him or anything else.

A swirling cloud of teeth and eyes began to swarm the room, seemingly bleeding in from the very walls around them. A sense of madness claimed hold of the environment then and they could see nothing but darkness in any direction.

"Get her out of here," Ashen called to Kyle. "These are wraiths! They will kill you both!"

"Go to Angela," Kyle shouted back at him. "Keep her safe, Ash!"

There was no time to wait for an answer. With a firm hold on Chase's upper arm, he braced himself and shifted them both out onto the terrace, then down to the ground below. Holding her close, he began skip-shifting in leaps and bounds until he fairly collapsed to the ground with her a quarter mile down the street.

"What is this," she suddenly shouted in his face. "What is this?"

Kyle was out of breath when he turned to stare back up the street toward her building. The blinding lights of the cop cars illuminated the front of the building and he could see the black swirling mass of wraiths moving in and out of her apartment.

There was no way he could risk heading back into that mess to try and grab his car. Taking hold of her arm once more, he shoved them both to their feet and started shifting again, further and further away from the scene.

With a wretched groan, he collapsed to the ground when they burst forth into a dark alley. They had to have traveled at least a mile or more from her apartment. Even as he tried to catch his breath, he could hear the questions pouring out from her mind.

He was going to let them kill me! Wraiths? What the hell are wraiths? What the hell is HE? Then her eyes suddenly lit upon his face.  He can hear me? He can hear my thoughts???

All at once, he realized what was happening. She was seeking answers from the part of her mind that seemed to defy explanation. The part that he could not hide from or control. She was going to learn the truth whether he told it to her or not.

"Yes," he finally admitted it. "Yes, I can hear your thoughts. I'll tell you anything you want to know when I'm sure that we're safe. I just need to get you somewhere safe! Please," he begged her. "Ask them if you don't believe me—the voices in your head. I can keep you safe! I can block the Elders and they won't be able to find us!"

Chase suddenly stilled, obviously frightened, but willing to stop long enough to test her senses to try and search for the truth. Her teeth were chattering madly as she knelt in the alley with him. Looking down at the thin cotton nightshirt she wore, he wasn't surprised she was cold.

"Come with me," he insisted as gently as he possibly could.

Having had enough time to regain some stamina, he took hold of her arm once more. Without ever really waiting for her to answer, he began shifting them once more off into the night.

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