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Kindred Souls - Age of the Psykinetics

Copyright © 2020 by Leanne Elise Smith

Scene 1.18 - The Elite's Arrival

Anaak Underground Facility:

The armored vehicle Errol traveled in was barreling through the dark tunnel as though they were being chased by demons. He held onto the bar overhead, struggling to hold himself upright in the seat before they finally came to a stop by the entrance of the facility.

He clutched his phone in his hand, listening to the security guard who was shouting at him on the other end of the line. All hell was breaking out around him before he could let go of the bar. Lines of Anaak guards were jumping out of the vehicles behind his, racing toward the entrance of the building.

"They just came out of nowhere, Errol! I've never seen anything like it in my lifetime!"

"What the hell is it," he fired back, glancing toward the iron doors that were just beginning to part up ahead of them.

"Annihilation, I think," the man called back. "You've got to see it for yourself!"

Dropping the phone down on the seat, he braced himself, knowing he had to remain calm. No words of wisdom from the other side were whispering into his head, so he was walking into this entire situation completely blind. At every pivotal moment, the Source warned him when impending danger loomed, but not this time. This time the voices in his head were deadly silent.

God! He was the king of this castle! He had nothing to fear at all. He had averted a catastrophe of biblical proportions and they all knew it. No one—not the Anaak's High Council or the human's armed forces would dare threaten the safety of his compound today. So, what could have these men on such high alert? The Greys? Were they to blame for this?

"Dr. McCormack!" A soldier called out to him from the facility's entrance. "We need you to come forward at once!"

Swallowing with some trepidation, Errol stepped down from the vehicle and began to make his way toward the open doors. Men dressed in battle fatigues held weapons to their chests, but not one had drawn them up as they remained stone-faced, awaiting their orders.

He pushed past them all, following the eyes of the guard at the front who was peering up into the dark sky overhead. It was not the Greys. What he saw them all pointing to was a sight he had not thought he'd see in his lifetime.

Dragons! Dozens of them were aloft in the air of the Anaak caverns, flying in formation over the head of the city in the distance. So enormous were the creatures that they could be seen even from this great distance. They were traveling swiftly now, heading directly for the facility itself.

A few broke off from the rest as their mouths opened, breaking out in deafening roars that rattled the entire building. One landed on the crest of a cliff in the distance with fire erupting from its mouth as it stood there in all of its menacing glory. The rest were beginning to circle the grounds from high overhead, scoping out the lay of the land like birds searching for prey.

"Get back," one man shouted as one of the beasts suddenly descended. It crashed into a watchtower, sweeping it clear off its feet. The building burst into splinters, exploding across the lot as the dragon gave a might shove and soared back up into the sky overhead.

Several men grew anxious then, discharging their weapons without authorization to fire directly at the beast before it could get away. An ugly sound of fury erupted from its throat, but it continued to soar higher, unaffected by the gunfire.

"Stop! Stop!" Errol's hands rose up in panic. "Are you all insane? Don't you have any idea who that is?" Gripping one man by his throat collar, ripping the gun right out of his hand, he shouted, "That's the Elite! You're firing on the Elite!"

Tension in the air grew thick as several men began to shrink back into the depths of the building. Although Errol had never seen him in person, he knew very well what Carridon looked like in all forms. The jet of silver hair racing over his head and down his spine was legendary. These men were taking their lives in their own hands by daring to fire upon him now.

"You can't kill him! Bullets won't penetrate his skin," he raged.

No, he realized. None of these men had ever seen the myth that was the Elite in their lifetime. They were all too young to have ever witnessed them. It had been nearly a century or more since they'd come up from the tunnels below the Anaak city. Some had even assumed they'd been killed off altogether, with no evidence of their presence being felt by the masses in a very long time.

What had brought them up to the surface now? Was it the blackout? Had that driven them out of seclusion?

"Derek, you better find a good hiding place," he whispered to himself, praying his son was somewhere safely tucked away for the night.

Whatever had roused the Elite, they appeared to be riled up and itching for a fight. It was impossible to tell which of them was Carridon, but he'd just been fired upon and that could spell doom for the entire city if the situation wasn't brought under control.

"Get them out of here," Errol urged the men in charge. "Get them the hell out of here before he comes back. Whatever he wants, we will give him. We can't win a fight with them."

Over a dozen men were ushered back into the facility and their vehicles were dispatched from the area with all haste. Errol heard them speeding back down into the tunnels, but his eyes were trained on the sky overhead.

Just then, he caught the glint of silver on the back of one dragon as three began a swift descent. They landed in tandem, barely making a sound as they touched down on the ground with their wings beating in violent arcs to balance themselves. Errol thought his heart might stop as the one in the middle began to slowly devolve into the form of a man. What he saw came straight out of the pages of a story book he'd once read as a child. Carridon of the Anaak Elite stood just fifty feet away from his doorstep.

A rush of adrenaline raced down his spine as he forced himself to begin stepping forward. The two on either side of him had not transformed from their appearance in any way at all. They were enormous creatures, capable of swallowing him whole in a single bite. He knew that, yet he had no choice. He had to walk forward to face the man who was for all intents and purposes, one of the Anaak Kings.

He tried to breathe… He tried not to sweat… Yet, from the look of the expression on his face, Carridon was in a foul mood, indeed…

"Dr. McCormack," a man suddenly shouted out to him from within the facility.

He hadn't walked but two steps yet and the unexpected noise nearly caused him to faint. Errol whipped his head around, wanting to shoot the man responsible.

"Sir, your son," the man called out as he raced forward. Just when he would have continued, he suddenly stopped dead in his tracks to see what was transpiring in lot in front of the building.

"What? What about my son," he insisted, unable to wait a second longer for him to speak.

"Well, he's been found, Sir," the man answered with increasing hesitance. His eyes were widening with each word that he spoke. "Adams was trying to get word out to you, but—"

"All right, bring him to my office then," he began waving the man away. "Can't you see we have a situation here?"

That was all the urging the man needed to retreat back into the building. Errol stared after him, wishing he could do the same thing. Yet the moment he turned, he knew there'd be no escape for him at all. As he'd focused on the conversation, Carridon had not remained idle. When he turned, he realized the Anaak King was standing no less than five feet from him now. Gleaming golden eyes were surveying the interior of the building, looking well beyond them all as he stood there.

A noise emanated from Errol's chest then and he attempted his best to issue a word of greeting, but it was impossible. The power of speech suddenly eluded him. It was unnecessary, however. Carridon barely glanced at him, licking his lips as he bypassed him entirely. Looking for all the world like he owned the place, because he did, he entered the facility without preamble, daring anyone at all to try and stop him.

Everyone began backing up as the two dragons sauntered just as arrogantly toward the entrance, following at a close distance behind him. Errol knew this couldn't be good. No… This could not be good at all…

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