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Kindred Souls - Age of the Psykinetics

Copyright © 2020 by Leanne Elise Smith

Scene 1.14- Kyle's New Plan

The Hospital:

Kyle was feeling incredibly bitter as he stood over Angela's bed that morning. There was no change in her condition and once again the Elders were maintaining radio silence in his mind.

He had been actively calling out to them for the last ten minutes. He wanted answers. From the look of things, Angela was deteriorating further by the minute. Upon his arrival, the doctors had greeted him with a dire warning that her body was beginning to shut down. Her organs were slowly failing one by one.

How could they have reneged on their word to him after he'd risked his life to complete their mission? There was no way they had taken the time to come here only to leave her like this. She was withering away to nothing! No. He knew they had not come to help her at all.

Gripping the bed rail, he was about to turn and leave when a familiar voice rose in greeting to him from behind. He turned to see Ashen standing there in the shadows. He was braced casually against the wall. Kyle gritted his teeth, unwilling to hear anything the demon had to say to him that day. Even he had become a huge disappointment as of late.

"Cheer up," Ashen beckoned him. "An intervention will arrive this evening when the weather cooperates and the hospital falls into darkness."

"They couldn't take a single second to tell me that themselves," he grated irritably. "Why not just wait until she takes her last breath? God!"

"Have you considered there might be other matters equally as important going on in the world right now? Or, do you assume your own needs are paramount to everyone else's?" Raising his chin, Ashen dared him to defy the accusation. "That I've come here now should be answer enough. This is twice that I've been forced to come to you during daylight hours."

"You don't like daytime?" Kyle had never realized that was an issue for him. Why was it that he knew so very little about this demon who had been introduced to him as a guardian early in childhood?

"I like sleeping," he stated flatly. "Don't you?"

"If it bothers you so much, why are you even here? Why do you stand at their beck and call? Acting as a messenger hardly seems a fitting role for you. Do you have nothing better to do?"

"Nothing better to do? You've got to be joking." With true menace in his eyes, Ashen pulled away from the wall and stood fully upright. "I could think of a thousand things I'd rather be doing than play babysitter over one peculiarly important mortal! Even when you do not see it, I have always had to be there in one fashion or another. Want has absolutely nothing to do with it."

Kyle frowned, completely caught off-guard. He'd been unaware of that fact until this very moment. Always there?

"No matter the time of day, the choice is not mine," Ashen informed him. "If it's not me, then there is always one of us with you, because I do in fact have a non-life of my own that I like to attend from time to time."

Kyle shook his head, utterly perplexed. Why was the demon so devoted to the task if it annoyed him so much—which he could see it did. Regardless, he raised a hand to him in apology and simply turned away to leave the room. There was no point hovering over Angela any longer.

Lowering his voice as he traversed the halls to head for the exit, he asked, "Why is it I never see you there? You're kind of hard to miss."

"For the same reason no mortal can see me unless I'm so inclined to let them. You have nothing to fear in it though. In general, it's only at night—and you're rarely busy then. Well…"

Kyle's look of horror only began to deepen. Every night? The idea that he was being stalked so often disturbed him. The thought struck him so unexpectedly that he turned sharply to stare at Ashen. Still, he held up a hand to ward him off. He really didn't want to hear another word of this. He didn't!

The demon had stopped though, leaning his leather-clad shoulder leisurely against the wall. The way he was staring caused the hairs on the back of his neck to start tingling wickedly in apprehension. What was that look in his eyes?

Before he could turn back around, Kyle nearly walked headlong into the woman he'd been stalking himself just the night before. She looked just as startled as he did at the abrupt reunion. 

She barely opened her mouth in apology when a stunned expression clouded her vision. Her eyes stared dead-ahead, looking directly past him into the face of the demon who was standing idly by the nurse's station. Without a single word to him, she pivoted on her heel and backed away toward the exit.

"That was interesting," came the thought from just over his right shoulder. Kyle turned to see the demon had appeared directly behind him in the blink of an eye.

"Why did you let her see you?"

"I didn't," he replied curiously. "By all rights, she should be as ignorant of me as the rest of these blind mortals here."

"Then how—"

"I've no idea," Ashen shook his head in a moment of complete ignorance.

Pressing his lips together speculatively, Kyle said, "Don't follow me."

"Hmmm…" It was the demon's only response.

Taking off like the wind to try and catch up with her, he followed her steps at a brisk pace. He allowed his instincts to kick in, skip-shifting twice when he was certain no one was looking. Racing ahead, he found her already rushing down the steps into the parking lot.

"Wait!" He couldn't let her leave like that.

Chase stopped and spun around in an instant, but her eyes were busy scanning the building behind him. She finally stopped to look at him, but he could see the torn look on her face. She looked both relieved to see him, yet equally horrified at the same time.

"I'm on break," she hedged quickly in an abrupt apology. "I really can't hang around."

"I can see that," he agreed. Still, he extended a hand slightly outward to halt her before she could bolt again. She was avoiding his eyes now. She appeared to be looking around, searching for some means of escape. "Chase, I just wanted to—"

Black eyes The thought struck her mind as quick and vivid as it had the night before. How could he not hear the words at this distance?

An initial sense of panic burst into his chest then. Had he failed to conceal them somehow? No way! The light of day would have blinded him by now if his eyes weren't shielded.

It wasn't what she was seeing right now… He was certain of it. She was remembering his image in the dream. Still? Damn it all!

"I'm sorry, but I can't. I really have to go," she insisted and broke away from him once more. This time he chose to let her go.

This should not be possible—none of it! Nothing about the situation made sense to him. How had she seen Ashen standing behind him? What made her so different from other humans? Unless she was in fact, not human…

The idea that she still recalled the dream so vividly disturbed him, as well. It should have faded from her mind by now. Even if it was only a dream, it was dangerous for her to retain an image of him in that form.

Kyle shook his head and rubbed the back of his neck. He needed some help here. This was not something he felt capable of tackling on his own any longer. He may not have the capability of uncovering her secrets, but there were those who most certainly could. If nothing else, it was critical that her memory—of both the demon and his true appearance—was wiped away entirely. It would be for her safety as well as his. That just wasn't a feat he felt capable of accomplishing on his own. Not by any means.

With firm resolve, he made the decision to open his mind to the Elders. If they were coming tonight to help his sister, perhaps they could also intervene on his behalf in another matter altogether.

The mistake of revealing himself to her in the dream had been unfortunate, but it was one that could easily be rectified. However, it was what else they might be able to tell him that made him the most eager as the idea bloomed in his mind. If she was a hybrid, the Elders would see it.

Yes. He was ready to hear this revelation—what he believed to be a certain fact in his own mind. If she wasn't, then all of these events could be wiped from her mind, no harm, no foul…

With a nod to himself as he stood there watching her drive away the decision was already made. He'd ask the Elders to intervene and let the chips fall where they may.

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