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Kindred Souls - Age of the Psykinetics

Copyright © 2020 by Leanne Elise Smith


High up in the mountains that overlooked a lush forest of dark green woods, a demon crouched in a relaxed pose on a flat precipice where he'd been sitting for some time. It was only the beginning of summer, yet the most deliciously warm breeze was blowing over his tan skin. Dressed only in his pants and boots, he was held entranced in a near meditative state, waiting… Nothing could possibly darken his mood on this magnificent day!

As he knelt there, one enormous black leathery wing was stretched forward over his shoulder. He used the razor-sharp claws extending from his talons to methodically snip away the black silken strands of hair that had begun creeping down over his eyes. The mindless work helped clear his mind of the evil he'd seen the previous evening—nearly the same as it was every night of his existence. It would all be washed away completely in minutes though. Sunrise was finally closing in on him, marking the end of another very long and pointless day.

During the next few hours, he could take solace as the rising sun worked to replenish the energy he'd spent in his travels without any need for violence or bloodshed. He sat there completely unshielded, not concerned in the least that he might be discovered by any of the mortals who roamed the earth. No fool would attempt to cross this high up into demon territory if they valued their life. The sun was nearly cresting the horizon now, the only time of day when he truly felt free to simply be and not think at all.

Just then, the bite of an insignificant mosquito broke through his revere and he reached out to brush it off with a toothy grin. The irony of the prey becoming the hunted was not lost on him as he viewed the mark it left on his skin. In a world filled with depravity, he was threatened only by a million-year-old insect looking for a meal of its own… Soon even the bugs would scatter to the wind, looking to hide from the bright glow of sunlight that he was currently looking forward to resting under. He'd be thankful to see them go, because there was no way to hide from their keen senses—just as no one could hide from his.

His impressively strong arms reached forward now to splay loosely on his knees, palms facing upward as he welcomed the fresh light of day. He stretched the muscles of his back then, arching his dark wings just a little as he moved. Soon the sun would be shining in full glow and he didn't want to miss one second of it. Even as it nourished his body, it rejuvenated his spirit and helped ease his mind as he absorbed it into his being. The healing power of nature never failed to impress him.

He closed his eyes and willed his mind to slowly quiet, counting the seconds left until sunrise. At last, a sliver of light finally broke open in the distance and he felt it washing over his skin. His face turned up as he absorbed the potent energy it exuded. There was no other source on earth more satisfying to him—well, save one... There was most certainly one other source of energy that brought him nearly as much pleasure as basking in sunlight. That pleasure was a completely different sort altogether. It was the furthest thing from his mind in this moment, however.

Just as he began to fully relax into a light meditative state, Ashen felt the air around him beginning to shift. Having felt the sensation a thousand times before, he knew precisely what it was. He shouldn't be surprised by their arrival, yet he most assuredly was. Sunlight was their nemesis. What could possibly bring them to expose themselves to it? Damn!

Their timing was always so impeccable

Rife with immediate suspicion, he forced himself to relax his composure. His countenance mimicked complete and utter disinterest in wait of their impending arrival—for he knew it was coming.

They always came! Whether in search of a favor with promises of threat or reward for his assistance, they returned time and again to darken his doorstep. Which would it be this time? Did it even matter?

The wait was soon over as he felt their presence on the ledge close behind him. One moment the space was empty, then all at once it was filled with their wretched forms. He did not turn, nor show any sign of surprise or alarm at their sudden arrival. He deigned to acknowledge them only with the slight lift of his lids, murmuring almost carelessly to them with veiled annoyance.

"What brings you to me," he spoke as his tongue ran over the pointed tip of one fang in his mouth. Let them think he could hardly care to be bothered by their presence. There was so little left that they could do to make his life any more miserable than it already was.

A favor Came the all too familiar whisper in his mind. It entered his thoughts unbidden, a testament to the mental powers that all the Greys possessed. They often spoke in unison with one another, directly implanting their thoughts into the mind of anyone they happened to be speaking to. Even as they were injecting their words into his mind, he knew they were most likely examining his thoughts as well.

"A favor," he sneered as a small smile playing on the corner of his mouth. He would do them both a favor…

He allowed his thoughts to fill with the most twisted and sordid images he could conjure with unfettered delight. He pictured his fangs fully descending, penetrating the fragile skin of some tender flesh. He envisioned it quite garishly… Barbarically… The warmth of fresh, hot blood oozing down over his chin—imagining it all with something akin to fervent glee in his mind. He knew how much they enjoyed the visions he taunted them with…

It pleased him to hear the gasps of air hissing from their open mouths as they took several short steps back from him. It was so easy to bait them. He knew they had gotten far more than they'd bargained for as he continued the charade of humoring their greater authority over him.

The human, Kyle. His assistance is needed

His humor at their discomfort ceased then. His face fell in a curious frown. What could they want with Kyle? No one had asked him about that man in months.

"You want me to fetch him for you," he asked with marked skepticism. "Right now?" This was not how he had wanted to spend his day.

His assistance is needed, they repeated once more.

"So you said," he remarked as he shoved to his feet. Swerving around on one booted foot to face them, he allowed his irritation to show. His shoulders broadened, along with the arch of his wings as he glared down at the two of them. Even so, he deigned to offer a spiteful bow to them, unflinching as he gazed into their hideous, soulless eyes. He couldn't contain the disdain in his voice as he scoffed out loud at the sight of them. "And they call me a demon," he shook his head without an ounce of remorse.

Kyle must be informed, the taller of the two said—if tall was even a word to describe these creatures. They stood there barely moving in their slippery skin, scarcely breathing at all. They were, without a doubt, the very picture of every human's worst nightmare come to life in all of it's B-rate glory. Yet, even as he allowed himself the pleasure of mentally laughing at their deformed appearance, deep in his subconscious, even he would not dare to cross a single one of them. They held that much power in the world…

"What am I to tell him," he finally relented.

It was not the day he had envisioned for himself. No, not at all… In fact, he knew deep down this was likely just the beginning of a very long, impossibly miserable one...

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