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  • Kindred Souls - Upcoming Scenes A new feature was added to the page. Now you can look ahead to see what scenes are coming to the story: 3/14/2020

  • Kindred Souls - One scene was added to the story today: 5/2/2020

  • Kindred Souls - 3 scenes were added to the story today: 3/21/2020

  • Kindred Souls - Five new portions were added to the story today: 3/14/2020

  • Silent Mysteries - Silent Mysteries is being re-written. I've posted an article in the New & Updates section. 2/21/2014

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  • Cover of Silent Mysteries Novel

    Silent Mysteries

    Discover the Mystery of Kyra...

    Genre: Medieval, Mystery, Romance

  • Cover of Silent Hearts Novel

    Silent Hearts

    A Silent Mysteries Sequel

    Genre: Medieval, Mystery, Romance

  • Cover of Kindred Souls Novel

    Kindred Souls

    Age of the Psykinetics...

    Genre: Paranormal Romance

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Welcome back! 

This is The Quiet Corner

This website features both paranormal and medieval romantic fiction written by the author Leanne Elise Smith. Each week you will find updates to Leanne's free novels! All new in 2020 Kindred Souls has just begun. Several portions of the story will be added each week. Don't miss a minute of the passion, mystery and suspense! Come read with us!

Kindred Souls Has Begun!

Cover of the Kindred Souls Novel

Millennia ago, the planet was inhabited by a race of guardians known as the Kindred. That changed the day a blast of energy rocked the earth that wiped out nearly all life on the surface of the planet. Only a handful of the Kindred survived, now imprisoned underground leaving the world at the mercy of malevolent forces—those who would try to dominate the world of the humans who were left alone, without protection.

Now awakening after an eternity of solitude, the Kindred begin their search for the souls that were forced to hide within the very beings who inhabit the earth now. Those who were reborn within the other races have no memory of what they really are or the power they are capable of wielding—but they are beginning to awaken slowly, aware they are more than the physical bodies that contain them.

A war is brewing by breeds unknown in the human world—creatures who each desire total control of the planet with no one alive powerful enough to stop them… Until now…

Silent Hearts Is Up!

Cover of Silent Hearts Novel

Silent Hearts has been added back to The Quiet Corner pages! Check it out!

It's been eight months since six residents of Damon Manor were all brought together to discover the mystery of Kyra. Now they will all be reunited in the face of a tragic event that is about to unfold.

Caleb and Kyra were brought together by the power of a desire too potent to be ignored. Even as they await the arrival of their first child, the bond they share continues to strengthen and grow. Jacob and Serena remain vigilant by their side, waiting for the long anticipated day to arrive. The love their family shares could be no greater than it was now.

Blake and Cassandra have settled into a quiet marriage at the Ryder Estate. The road to true love has been a difficult journey for them as they continue to try and overcome the pain of Cassandra's past. It is only at the start of their reunion with Caleb and Kyra that the two of them can finally see a way to find real happiness together.

The Website Re-Opens!

It's taken some time to get The Quiet Corner ready for business again! I believe more than a year has passed since I began this monumentous task of rebuilding the website.

I would like to thank everyone who has continued to return month after month looking for book updates. It was impossible for me to work on writing fiction while learning all there is to be learned about webdesign. I am ready to return to my beloved world of fiction once more though!

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The ALL NEW Quiet Corner!

People were wondering what was going on behind the scenes at the website this Winter. Well, here it is at last. The stage is finally set and the doors will open once more here at TQC. Enjoy the return of your favorite stories, now available for tablet and mobile users.

In this most wicked makeover of the website, everything was completely revamped and upgraded! Visitors should now be able to access the website and all of its content from every device in the house. If you haven't tried it before, come on in for a visit from whatever mobile device you use. All devices and browsers should now be supported!