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Kindred Souls - Age of the Psykinetics

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Kindred Souls - Episode Index Guide

Warning! This index guide contains spoilers...

Introduction -- Attempting to relax and bask in the glow of the morning sunlight, a demon's solace is interrupted by the coming of the Greys who have an unwelcome mission for him.

Book 1 - Part 1

Scene 1.1 - Kyle: After watching Kyle from afar for weeks, Chase acts on her desire to introduce herself and deliver a message to him.

Scene 1.2 - Into the Abyss: Kyle descends into the underground fortress of the Kindred to deliver a gift.

Scene 1.3 - Arik's Awakening (Part 1): Arik awakens under mysterious circumstances to find his fortress has been invaded by humans

Scene 1.4 - Arik's Awakening (Part 2): Realizing Kyle is not going to free him, Arik flies into a rage, nearly killing the female in the process.

Scene 1.5 - Dr. Errol McCormack: Listening to the supernatural forces guiding him, Errol made a bold move, betraying the Anaak in the process.

Scene 1.6 - Lord Carridon of the Anaak Elite: Having learned of the growing alliance between the Greys and the Anaak, Lord Carridon decides make a bold move of his own.

Scene 1.7 - Chase's Workshop: Kyle attends Chase's workshop and discovers she may be far more than she appears. Chase is frightened to realize there is more of a connection between them than she first suspected.

Scene 1.8 - Eve...: As Arik hovers in the shadow's above, Eve awakens. It is not long before he begins to suspect she may be more than either Kindred or human.

Scene 1.9 - Eve's Power Unleashed...:Wandering through the halls alone, Eve runs into a formidable threat. Refusing to back down, she unleashes the full force of her power against him.

Scene 1.10 - Arik's Concern: When Eve is struck down, Arik makes a desperate move to try and save her life.

Scene 1.11 - Kyle's Invasion: In a search for answers, Kyle decides on a bold move to get them from Chase.

Scene 1.12 - Errol Returns Home: Errol returns home and finds his son missing--and someone has broken into his apartment.

Scene 1.13 - Uncovering Eve: Arik attempts to place Eve in captivity and learns she is far from human after all.

Scene 1.14 - Kyle's New Plan: Kyle unexpectedly runs into Chase and realizes she can see things no human should be able to see. A wild plan forms in his mind and suddenly he is all in... Let the chips fall where they may!

Scene 1.15 - No Escape: Left alone in the fortress, Eve begins her exploration and discovers the devastating truth for herself.

Scene 1.16 - The Portal: Arik returns to find Ratziel awake in The Portal room.

Scene 1.17 - A Fatal Mistake: Ashen arrives and tries to prevent Kyle from following through on his plan.

Scene 1.18 - The Elite's Arrival: In a spectacular display of power, Carridon and the Elite make their arrival at the facility.

Scene 1.19 - On the Run: Kyle's fatal mistake puts Chase's life in jeopardy. Forced to take action, he risks his own life to save hers.

Scene 1.20 - The Height of Emotion: Arik returns to Eve and finds himself locked in battle with her before the tide of his emotions suddenly take an unexpected turn.

Scene 1.21 - Quiet Reprieve: Kyle and Chase have a moment to finally breathe and talk, but he's over-exerted himself.

Scene 1.22 - Choices: Ashen sits, watching over Angela when the Greys finally arrive to help her.

Scene 1.23 - Web of Lies: Errol is confronted by Carridon and finds his web of lies beginning to spin wildly out of control.

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