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News & Updates

News & Updates:

Keep up with the lates changes to The Quiet Corner here. News about all the books on the website can be found below! Don't miss it!

Monday - April 11, 2014

Silent Hearts Is Up!!

Cover of Silent Hearts Novel

I spent a couple days working on this project. Now Silent Hearts has been added back to The Quiet Corner pages! Check it out!

It's been eight months since six residents of Damon Manor were all brought together to discover the mystery of Kyra. Now they will all be reunited in the face of a tragic event that is about to unfold.

Caleb and Kyra were brought together by the power of a desire too potent to be ignored. Even as they await the arrival of their first child, the bond they share continues to strengthen and grow. Jacob and Serena remain vigilant by their side, waiting for the long anticipated day to arrive. The love their family shares could be no greater than it was now.

Blake and Cassandra have settled into a quiet marriage at the Ryder Estate. The road to true love has been a difficult journey for them as they continue to try and overcome the pain of Cassandra's past. It is only at the start of their reunion with Caleb and Kyra that the two of them can finally see a way to find real happiness together.

It is here that Silent Hearts begins.

Enjoy Reading Silent Hearts

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New Cover Artwork for Silent Mysteries

If you've been following along with my recent posts, you know I am getting ready to re-publish Silent Mysteries. For that reason, I'm going to take the time to give the book a new cover. I was always happy with the cover it has now, but after all these years, I do wish it had an element of passion reflected in it. After all, I did write a romance novel, lol!

So, as much as I adore the medieval castle I created, I am ready to put a little spice on the cover of the new book--well, books! There are two books being made out of the original 600 page novel after all.

So keep your eyes open and I will reveal the two covers for the books... Coming soon to The Quiet Corner!

Monday - April 8, 2014

The Quiet Corner RE-OPENS!

After struggling for many long months, I've finally finished what I believe is a wonderful new incarnation of The Quiet Corner! Believe it or not, I'm done with the website overhaul. Let the book writing continue!

About a year and a half ago I began to notice that my website was horribly out of date with the times. My website was slower to load than a lot of far more complicated websites, not to mention that it wouldn't load at ALL on most of the smaller tablets and phones. It was really grating on my nerves as more time passed and my website began to lag further and further behind in the times.

I made the decision to stop writing fiction in order to start updating my website design skills. (There's no one behind the wheel here but me. LOL!) But you know, I had no idea how much had really changed since I started designing my own website back in 1994. I won't bore you with the details, but I have literally spent more than a year struggling to learn all the latest website languages. Each one seemed more complicated than the last! I almost gave up a number of times since I started the process.

Well, it's finished and I'm happy with the results--and I WOULD  go the distance again if I had to. I'm really glad this project is done though! (I think I would do it all over again... Hmm...)

Now come and join me each week in reading all the fiction I have to share. I've got so much to show you!

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NOTICE! I'm republishing Silent Mysteries!

There is big news on the horizon for Silent Mysteries and republication is merely the tip of the iceberg!

Cover of Silent Mysteries the novel

For marketing purposes and lowering the purchase price of the book, I'm going to be republishing Silent Mysteries. But that's not the big news. Seriously! There's more.

In an effort to lower printing costs, I'm going to be dividing Silent Mysteries into two novels. This means that Silent Hearts is about to become the THIRD novel in the series, not the second. For years I've heard that the purchase price of Silent Mysteries was a little too high, so hopefully this will help solve that issue. Publishing companies tend to cater to authors of books that are 350 pages or less, so dividing the book into two novels should help lower printing costs for the book over all.

The first book should remain virtually the same--cover, content and all. Silent Mysteries - Discover the mystery of Kyra is not really going to feature any new content at all. The second book may end up with a bonus chapter, however. I have been told for years that some would have loved to see Jacob and Serena's wedding take place, so I may take the plunge and re-write that particular ending to include the festivities. If that happens, I'll be making a major announcement. So keep your ears open in the coming weeks.

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New Books on The Quiet Corner!

So much has changed here at The Quiet Corner. The look and feel of the website is hardly the biggest news. What is then? How about two more novels? And they are like nothing you have read from me before!

What is Kindred Souls?

Beyond Silent Mysteries and Calignous, I have been working on several other projects. I'm about to reveal two of them. The first is a series I have titled Kindred Souls. This will be a paranormal romance series built in a world far removed from the one we live in--and yet it could be taking place in your very own back yard. Worlds will collide when the truth is revealed and one woman awakens to discover we are not alone in this world... We never have been.

I will be opening the area and revealing the cover artwork for that series in just a few weeks. Much of the story has already been fleshed out, but I'll be uploading the book as I write it. When it's finished, I'll be selling it along with Silent Mysteries of course. But for the time being, you can read it here for free while I'm working on it.

And the second new book?

The second book I am about to reveal is the most sensitive subject I've ever written about. I was fortunate enough to befriend a wonderful man who inspired me to take on the subject of a lifetime! And so with his blessing, I am venturing down a very different romantic path. This time it will not be the traditional story of a man and woman. The book--which I have not yet named--was inspired by the love and friendship of two men who grew up worlds apart from each other.

I am aware that this second book is not going to be for every romance reader. There will be a disclaimer attached to warn readers of its sensitive material. Still, I was challenged to take on the subject of homosexuality, so I opened up my mind in an effort to tell one man's very intriguing story to the world. It was such a fascinating story I really couldn't resist the opportunity! Hopefully I will find an equally open minded audience to read along with me.

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Book Update Schedule:

Regular updates for all of the stories will take place as I edit the material I have written. As of now I can say that I'll be making weekly updates for all of the stories listed, but for the moment I cannot say precisely what the schedule for each book will be.

Updating of the stories will resume as soon as Silent Mysteries has been re-published. The details concerning the release date will be announced soon. I'm anticipating publication of the first part at the end of April and the second portion of the story to be published towards the end of May.

As a mother of three growing girls, I find myself writing late into the night. Sometimes I get a few hours, sometimes less. It all depends on fate. And which story I work on really depends on my mood. Silent Hearts takes me into a world of great passion, while the world of Calignous fills me with a sense of intrigue and suspense. Each book is fulfilling for me in its own unique way.

Over time I will devise a game plan so you'll know when to expect an update for your favorite story. Until then, stay tuned to the News & Updates page and become a fan of my Facebook Author page. I will be posting to both regularly from week to week as I add new material to each story.

Thank you so much for coming to read along with me! I look forward to bringing you more drama, romance and great fiction for many years to come!

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