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You are at The Quiet Corner! This website features the romantic fiction from author Leanne Elise Smith. Silent Hearts, Calignous and the ALL NEW series Kindred Souls are on-going stories that are absolutely free to read. His is a novel that will begin very soon. Descriptions of the novels are featured below!

Calignous - Where the past lies in shadow...

Calignous - Where the past lies in shadow pictureAwakening in a hospital after a terrifying accident, Julie is introduced to a man she doesn't remember... Her husband...

From the moment she awoke, Julie was completely terrified. Something about her husband's demeanor seemed so forced. The love he promised they shared felt empty and cold. Then, in the blink of an eye, her entire world was flipped upside down.

Now Julie is on the run, fleeing from the man who promised to love her. A terrifying mystery was about to begin as she discovered her husband was not the man he claimed to be. There was actually a far more sinister story beginning to emerge. Julie was plagued by visions of a past that she knew nothing about. It conflicted with everything she'd been told. It was all leading to one horrific conclusion. Everyone had lied to her... This life was not hers...

When your entire world is made up of nothing but lies and deceit, who can you trust? Who can you believe?

Calignous is an all new original work by Leanne Elise Smith. The story will unfold only here on The Quiet Corner, so check back frequently for updates!

Silent Mysteries - Discover the Mystery of Kyra...

Written By: Leanne Elise Smith

Silent Mysteries Cover PictureTrying to survive in a terrifying world alone, unable to speak, Kyra is a mystery to everyone. Dangerous memories lurk in the shadows of her mind, haunting her nightly dreams. From her first dangerous encounter with her new overlord, Kyra remains wary of Marquess Caleb Damon. Her only friend at the manor is Serena, a woman who holds her own dreams of finding love and commitment.

Caleb Damon was asked to take Kyra into his home when her adopted mother past away. But, he never imagined how quickly he'd come to desire the possession of her heart. Fighting his own inner demons, Caleb remains distant, unable to cope with Kyra's curious stares and confusing nightmares. Though he tries to keep his distance, he is unable to resist searching for the answer to the one question everyone wants to know.

Who is Kyra?

Torn in the midst :

Caleb could not break this moment between them. Perhaps it was simply desire that held him where he was, but he couldn't pull away from her. Her sleepy eyes were so trusting, so curious... It awakened a need deep within him. For the first time in a very long time, he craved such close companionship from a woman. He wished to know nothing more than this desire to feel the first touch of a young woman's lips

Lowering himself to her, he neared her and swallowed against common sense. He knew this was wrong even as he let go of his inhibitions. He closed his eyes for a second longer, wondering if in the light of day, would he do this? When he opened them, he stared deeply into her eyes, wishing he could read her thoughts. How he had come to be this close to her, he didn't remember anymore.

Unable to deny the greater need within him, he fought against reason and sanity. His hand reached up, brushing the softness of her chin before his fingers laced through her hair. Did she know that he wanted to kiss her? Was she aware of how much he...d been affected by the touch of her fingers on his lips?

Her eyes hesitantly lowered to his lips and he was lost. He had seen her look of uncertainty when she...d been touching him. Was she still remembering that morning in the garden? He wanted more than anything to erase that memory from her mind. He wanted to show her that he was far from a monster. He wanted to remove that trace of fear from her eyes.

His fingers locked in her hair, promising himself to let go if she turned away. He was caressing her as he looked into her eyes. His lips nearly touching hers, he breathed, "Just once, Kyra..." He wished to kiss her just once...

Between Jacob and Serena, there are no easy answers:

He was single of his own choosing. He could have made an effort to find a woman if he'd wanted, but he hadn't been looking. Instead he'd been driven to focus his attention solely on a woman who could never be his. The frustration of it ate at him only because he felt he'd been wasting away his whole life for nothing.

"It isn't fair," she spoke sadly. Tears welled in her eyes and she fought against them weakly. She didn't know what drove her on this way, but before she could stop herself she was telling him, "I will never know true love. You at least have that chance. I am to be paired with a man who is without emotion. I'm going to spend my life never knowing..."

She broke off suddenly. She held her hand to her mouth for a moment as tears fell from her eyes. She saw him draw closer in concern, but she pushed back from him shaking her head.

"I will never know what it is. I am to have none of it and they really don't care at all," she cried softly. Her eyes turned away from his as she closed them and let the tears fall.

Jacob again stepped closer to her. He couldn't stand by and watch her fight against such sorrow alone. He raised a hand to her chin, willing some of his strength into her with his touch.

Serena swallowed and looked back up. She was surprised by the feel of his hand touching her face. It reminded her of that moment outside. Her eyes fell to his lips as she remembered his kiss and her lips parted in reaction.

Something in the room seemed to still around them. Just as it had that day, a strange air of closeness settled between them.

Copyright Notice:

This novel has been a work in progress for nearly two decades. Throughout the end of the 1990's and the first few years of the new millennium, visitors of were able to enjoy reading Silent Mysteries as it continued to grow as a work in progress. The book was eventually moved to its new home, housed solely on the author's website until work on it was completed in 2007. It was never officially published as a completed work until now.

Silent Mysteries Copyright © Reg. # TXu - 928 -068 December 3, 1999 by Leanne Elise Smith. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission from the author, except in the form of brief quotations which may be used within the body of reviews or articles pertaining to a review of Silent Mysteries. For questions or comments concerning any use of this text please contact the author.

Silent Mysteries has been available on The Quiet Corner since it was published in 2008. It is currently being republished. To read the preview or find details on how to purchase the book:

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Silent Hearts - A Silent Mysteries Sequel

This is the second book in the Silent Mysteries series written By: Leanne Elise Smith

Silent Hearts Cover Picture

It's been eight months since six residents of Damon Manor were all brought together to discover the mystery of Kyra. Now they will all be reunited in the face of a tragic event that is about to unfold.

Caleb and Kyra were brought together by the power of a desire too potent to be ignored. Even as they await the arrival of their first child, the bond they share continues to strengthen and grow. Jacob and Serena remain vigilant by their side, waiting for the long anticipated day to arrive. The love their family shares could be no greater than it was now.

Blake and Cassandra have settled into a quiet marriage at the Ryder Estate. The road to true love has been a difficult journey for them as they continue to try and overcome the pain of Cassandra's past. It is only at the start of their reunion with Caleb and Kyra that the two of them can finally see a way to find real happiness together.

It is here that Silent Hearts begins.