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Silent Mysteries

Silent Mysteries - Discover the Mystery of Kyra...

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Episode 1

Part 1 -- Kyra mysteriously arrives on the doorstep of Tyler Hall.

Part 2 -- The baron returns home

Part 3 -- A very frightened young girl awakens at last

Episode 2

Part 1 -- Kyra is sent away to her new home at Damon Manor

Part 2 -- Kyra discovers a piece of heaven behind the manor

Part 3 -- Serena asks a favor from Jacob

Part 4 -- Kyra meets Caleb Damon at last

Part 5 -- Caleb is taught a valuable lesson

Part 6 -- Caleb confronts Kyra about his unforgivable actions

Episode 3

Part 1 -- Kyra is pleased when Caleb grants her the smallest favor

Part 2 -- Caleb reveals a part of himself to Kyra

Part 3 -- Serena and Jacob grow unexpectedly closer

Part 4 -- Caleb learns Kyra might be stronger than he thought

Part 5 -- Caleb confronts Serena after Kyra's nightmare

Part 6 -- Jacob is plagued with misery over his feelings for Serena and memories of the past.

Part 7 -- The final part of Episode 3. Caleb begins to question his experience with Kyra.

Episode 4

Part 1 -- Caleb grows suspicious of Kyra and learns an old friend will be arriving soon

Part 2 -- Kyra awakens, nervous about her actions the night before.

Part 3 -- Caleb, Kyra, Serena and Jacob enjoy a very tense lunch together

Part 4 -- Kyra meets Cassandra and Caleb is furious...

Part 5 -- Kyra ponders how to come up with the money for a dress

Part 6 -- Cassandra begins to reveal a little about her own painful secrets

Part 7 -- Believing Kyra is avoiding him again, Caleb searches the manor to confront her. He meets up with Jacob instead...

Part 8 -- Serena learns some disturbing news about Cassandra and then has a tense conversation with Jacob

Part 9 -- Kyra falls asleep while sewing the dress. Caleb comes in to check up on her

Part 10 -- Unable to help himself, Caleb finds himself drawn to Kyra. In the darkness of her room, they share an intimate moment

Part 11 -- Nightmares of a terrifying nature descend on Kyra. Do they hold the key to solving her mysterious past?

Episode 5

Part 1 -- The morning of the party dawns on Damon Manor. Kyra makes a new discovery, and Jacob and Serena misunderstand each other.

Part 2 -- Nervous about the party, Kyra visits with Serena to calm her nerves. One half hour remaining before the big event!

Part 3 -- The party begins, but not on a pleasant note for everyone. Kyra is introduced to Blake.

Part 4 -- Blake realizes his mistake and feels badly about insulting Kyra.

Part 5 -- A new memory from the past hits Kyra. Can this newest flashback give her a lead to finding her past?

Part 6 -- Kyra spends the day talking with Blake and discovers he is a very pleasant man. Rumors about his questionable past begin to filter through the manor.

Part 7 -- Goaded into a contest, Jacob and Blake confront one another. Afterwards, Blake spends a quiet moment alone with Kyra.

Part 8 -- Jacob catches up with Serena. She is very angry with him over the contest with Blake.

Part 9 -- Will one fateful moment of jealousy and desire change the way Caleb feels about Kyra for ever?

Episode 6

Part 1 -- Kyra finally begins to push herself to remember the past. After a discussion with Cassandra, Caleb is determined to uncover her secrets.

Part 2 -- Serena and Cassandra discuss Kyra's memory. Cassandra explains some of Caleb's suspicions...

Part 3 -- Andrew Brady arrives for a visit with Serena. His visit is not a welcome addition to the manor.

Part 4 -- Kyra receives an unexpected gift from her admirer.

Part 5 -- An overwhelming fear invades Kyra when she sees Cassandra leave the building with Phillip Redmon

Part 6 -- Out of desperation, Kyra pulls an insane stunt. Will it be enough to save Cassandra in time?

Part 7 -- In the midst of a frightening attack, an unexpected savior makes himself known. *NEW

Part 8 -- A revelation of dramatic proportions reminds Kyra of a devastating vision from her past. *NEW

Part 9 -- Kyra is mired in guilt over what happened to Cassandra. Attempting to prove she has a voice, Caleb makes a drastic decision. Will he be able to stop himself before its too late?

Part 10 -- On the verge of making love with Caleb, Kyra has another vision. How will Caleb react when he realizes she may have a tortured past?

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